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Mount Breakenridge on Skis
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.08 - 13:44:32
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges / Breakenridge Group
  (1 days)
Participants: Greg Jones, Fred Touche, Don Funk Virtually no bush in the winter or spring when ground is snow covered, some forest travel( open), moderately steep slopes and glacier travel. Rope generally not required.
A ski (and snowshoe) to the summit of Mount Breakenridge in spring via logging roads on east side of Harrison Lake.
Greg, Fred, and I departed Surrey at around 6 am Sunday morning. Drove up the Harrison East FSR to English Main. We were able to drive about 3 kilometers up English Main FSR taking the deactivated north branch. A high clearance 4 wheel drive vehicle is required for this section due to the numerous deep waterbars. Arrived 3.5 hours later at an elevation of 1800 feet.

The three of us were off, walking up the logging road before 10 AM. We encountered continuous snow a few kilometers beyond at an elevation of 2400 feet.The road swings around to the south climbing away from English Creek towards upper cutblocks. We encountered one branch creek along the road which was awkward to cross due to the steep snow along the sides. The road eventually swings back over towards a branch of English Creek, ending at a cut block at about 3600 feet elevation. It was now about 11:30 AM, a convenient time to stop for some lunch.

Travel beyond involves open forest with minor gulleys to cross. We climbed slightly heading NNW towards the NW branch creek of English Creek, eventually crossing it at about 3900 feet elevation and was now about 12:30 PM. We gained the ridge directly above and climbed along this staying above the creek canyon. Travel along this was excellent as the trees are widely spaced apart and is very open, ideal as a ski route.

We rounded the corner, entering full alpine and a wide valley which leads directly towards the summit of Breakenridge. We stopped here (elevation 5100 feet) for a break and was now about 2:00 PM. Greg decided not to continue due to a recurrent injury which was bothering him, so he decided to climb slightly higher to a nearby ridge for some better views, and then proceeded to ski back down to the truck. Fred and I...

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