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Mount Windsor Hike via Deeks Lake
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.18 - 07:12:55
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Britannia Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Benoit Landry
Difficulty: 3: Strenuous ascent. Mostly trail hiking, gentle snow slopes, very short passages up to 35-40 degrees. Little exposure. Elevation gain to lake is 996m, to Mount Windsor summit is 1643m.
An early May solo ascent of Mount Windsor.
Shortly before this trip, I had done a somewhat ill-fated hike to Deeks Lake. After 4 hours of hiking in circles I had finally made it to the lake, and met a couple who were returning from mount Windsor. They didn't need any technical equipment, so I immediately put Windsor on my list.

No more than 3 days later I got a call from work saying that I would have the next day, thursday, off. Within minutes, I had a plan to hike up the Howe Sound Crest trail to Deeks Lake, then head to the Deeks-Windsor col and attempt either of the peaks, whichever one seemed the least sketchy.

I was up rather late on thursday and didn't make the trailhead until 8:30. I geared up and started hiking at top speed towards the lake. Progress was quick until I reached the snow around 850 meters, and fatigue from the 3 previous days of physical labor began to manifest itself. I stopped to try the new food items I had added to my hiking food selection: dries prunes, triscuits and kolbassa sausage, in addition to the usual trail mix and granola bars. After wolfing down this tasty meal and recovering for a few minutes, I threw on my gaiters and took off again. the last 200 meters to the lake were relatively quick, but not as quick as I had hoped: it was only 10:30, but the snow was already beginning to slush up. I started to imagine nightmares of metre-deep post holes through blowdowns and sliding down bare slopes in wet avalanches. Fortunately for me there wouldn't be any avalanches!

I made it to the lake by 11:00. It had been 2:15 to the lake, almost half of my previous time. so far so good! I then followed the shore of the lake towards the West, staying well clear of another set of footprints that seemed to venture out onto the snow-covered ice, the thickness of which I didn't care to...

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