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Looking for Powder in All the Wrong Places - A Trip to Apex Mountain
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 04:46:06
Ranges: North America Ranges / BC Interior Plateau / Thompson Plateau
  (1 days)
Participants: Chan and Stew easy to moderate depending if a lift is used.
A trip up to Penticton had us looking for an area where we might be able to find some backcounty skiing and boarding. We thought that the Apex ski area might offer a gateway to the backcountry.
The plan was simple. Meet my man Chan somewhere between Argenta and Vancouver. The only problem was that it would put us in the drylands. Really, one of us should have bucked up and either met on the coast or in the Kootenays. Maybe next time. We zeroed in on the Apex area outside of Penticton. The elevation was around 2247 m so there might actually be some snow and vertical to be had. Even better (or worse) Apex alpine ski area used the neighbouring Beaconsfield Mountain so we might be able to get a one up ski lift to do away with some hard earned vertical.

Looking at Softmap and confering with the Bivouac site, the plan was set. Drive up on friday and crash in Penticton, then on saturday see what we could get in the hills. Saturday morning found sunny skies and us getting a late start. We hit the hill and giggled to ourselves as we bought a one up lift ticket for 10 dollars. Making our way to the lift we saw a ski patroller so I asked how the avy conditions were out of bounds. 'Whoa, it's high, so don't even think about it' was his reply. OK, I had to bite. 'The CAA reports it moderate and you have only had 15cms over the past 7 days, why do you rate the danger so high?' I said. He changed the subject, 'you have all the gear right?'.

We got on the high speed quad and quickly gained the top of Beaconsfield Mountain. A quick ride down south to the ski area boundry at 2060m put us in the trees and we quickly began to climb the small sub peak north of Apex. Sadly the wind had actioned all slopes above the treeline. Bummer.

We made quick time over to the peak of Apex. Traversing over to the peak we saw some promising slopes off the north/northeast ridge (see picture) to ride but the snow was bulletproof. The peak was littered with shacks, and cell towers, it...

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