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Cloudless Skies over Mount Rohr
Timestamp Free: 2018.07.22 - 23:45:33
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges / Cayoosh Range / Cayoosh Range West
  (2 days)
Participants: Benoit Landry
Difficulty: 2: A hike with some steeper parts involving easy scrambling.
A 2-day late summer ascent of mount Rohr in perfect weather.
The forecast for the week-end had called for sunshine throughout, so naturally I had to be in the mountains to admire the spectacle. My week-end plans involved scrambling the black tusk from Garibaldi lake with a group of hikers, but I decided otherwise: get out of the city to sleep in a circus campsite with 40 other people? I think not.

My last overnighter, mt. Cook, had put my knees out of comission for days, and with the shorter daylight hours, I wanted a quick ascent with plenty of summit lounging time and a nice campsite. The objective was mount Rohr. After examining photos of Rohr lake I decided that I wanted to camp higher, away from the trees and people. The topo map showed a small lake at 1920m, on a plateau in the basin just below Rohr's west face.

Leaving Vancouver at the lazy time of 10:30am saturday morning, I arrived at the trailhead at 1:30pm. The first km of the logging road was beautiful despite the high-clearance classification given in Gunn's guide, although the ruts beyond that point forced me to park my trusty jetta. After sucking down the big mac that I had purchased in Pemberton (gotta give in sometimes!), I headed up the remaining km of road on foot. Already the excitement rose as I could see the white summit of Joffre peak through the trees, clad in fresh snow, against the pure blue sky. I quickly arrived to the trail per se and hiked up to the Rohr-Marriott junction, then up to meadows at 1615m. Surprisingly, parts of the trail here still had ice crystals. If this was any indication of the temperatures to come, I was glad I had winter clothing and camping gear. After bit of confusion, a water-filtering session and lots of unnecessary boulder-hopping, I was off what appeared to be the hiking trail and scrambling up the narrow boulder...

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