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Old Goats Summer Camp 2005 : Six Peaks at End of Maligne Lake
Timestamp Free: 2020.10.21 - 09:30:07
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Front Ranges / Queen Elizabeth Ranges
  (9 days)
Participants: David Henry, Michael Grahame, Alistair DesMoulins, Rick Collier
Difficulty: 3: N face of Unwin is 50-55 degree ice over 12 pitches. All other climbing in this report is scrambling or moderate snow/ice climbing
Paddle canoe from N end of Maligne Lake to E Brazeau gravel flats, then climbed (Charlton, Unwin, Paul) and from a camp on the E Brazeau gravel flats (Warren, Brazeau, and two unnamed summits).
Day 1 - August 20: Paddle down the lake, then hike up 1000 feet
The four of us who finally managed to arrange schedules and families so we could take a nine-day climbing holiday -- Alistair DesMoulins, Rick Collier, David Henry, Michael Grahame -- started from Calgary about 7:00am, with David picking me up in his huge Ford F-150, with an even larger canoe attached to the roof; we met Michael and Alistair, also with a canoe, at the PetroCan on the Cochrane turn-off. We drove with little interruption except for a stop at Lagan's in Lake Louise and gas and registration in Jasper to the N end of Maligne Lake - about 5 hrs; however, as we were loading the canoes with gear, I (Rick) discovered that my crampons had been left behind - notice my use of the passive voice so that no one need take direct responsibility or blame for this unfortunate mishap (but both David and I still blush when asked why our eyes remained closed at seven in the morning). So David and I drove back into Jasper, found a sports store, bought a new pair of crampons (damn expensive, considering that I had four perfectly good pairs in my basement), and endured the weekend traffic back to the lake - the silver lining was that only couple of hours were lost; if we'd been in some central BC backwater, the consequences of our inattention would have been far worse.

But at last we were on the water and paddling S. Maligne is a long lake, with little variation in contour, so, although the scenery is spectacular and we had a gentle tailwind, the kilometers seemed to crawl by. Nevertheless, it was but a couple of hours or so and we had reached Samson Narrows near Spirit Island (GR 663/336 on 83 C/11 - Southesk Lake) and were beaching at the drainage descending from the Charlton/Unwin glacier. By early...

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