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Solar Powered Climbers on East Pillar of Labour Day Summit
Timestamp Free: 2019.08.20 - 04:03:32
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Slesse Divide
  (1 days)
Participants: Drew Brayshaw, Shaun Neufeld
Difficulty: 5: Grade III 5.10d. Alpine Grade Difficile (inf).
A new rock route on the East Pillar of Labour Day Summit on a very hot and sunny day in July.
Shaun Neufeld had been eying the East Pillar of Labour Day for a while, probably since 2001 or thereabouts. He had made the mistake of mentioning his interest to a Vanccouver climber. This cad (who shall remain nameless) found a different partner and climbed a line on the East Pillar in 2003, without Shaun, mainly because he knew Shaun wanted to climb it and this guy wanted to get there first. Anyways here it is 2005 and the early summer had been very wet; on the first really good weekend in summer, in mid-July, Shaun was acting like a little kid who has just drunk his first bottle of cola ever - bouncing off the walls with energy and raging to do something, anything, involving climbing in the mountains. We only had a day so we decided to day-trip Labour Day and see if there wasn't some unclimbed rock left.

Leaving Chilliwack very early in the morning we met up at the Vedder Bridge and assembled in Shaun's truck. We had to go early because due to a temporary money shortage there was something said about car insurance being a luxury not a necessity - anyways we drove at dawn and didn't meet anyone along the way.

At the old Slesse Memorial trailhead we parked the truck and packed our packs. Shaun put his keys inside an empty potato chip bag and tossed the keys in the mess of lawn clippings and tree branches found in the truck bed. Time to start hiking. We put our heads down and gav'er.

The trail had been rerouted so we went up the Rexford road for a ways and then down the new trail to Nesakwatch Creek, across it on a log and up to pick up the old trail then up to the Memorial. up to the Memorial the Valley Outdoor Association or Chilliwack Outdoor Club or both had done an excellent job of pruning and brushing the trail but above the Memorial nothing had been done...

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