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Sentinel Bay via Table Meadows
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.16 - 01:16:28
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges
  (4 days)
Difficulty: 3: Class 3
I was looking for a way down through the columnar jointed cliffs to Sentinel Bay.
I gave myself four days, one in one out, and two days to figure out this puzzle. I had been at Table Meadows some years ago but the steepness of the terrain and my lack of experience stopped me working out the way down to Sentinel Bay. It was a wise decision at that time not to proceed.

DAY ONE: Now that I had returned, the immediate problem at hand was finding a starting point. The hazards were a fall over a cliff and slipping on very steep vegetated slopes and sliding uncontrolled down the slope. I almost fell victim to the second a couple of times stopping myself by catching a tree trunk. I found a spot on the ridge were the slope was not so steep for a few tens of meters and that gave me a traverse into the talus.

Working down the steep talus slope I got forced into a vegetated section. Here the trees had firmly anchored the slope and had built up a thick layer of humus under the tree canopy. The humus was very thick and would take a plunge step, bonus! It was like working heavy spring snow. The treed section lasted a good distance and I was forced back onto the talus. I was now almost to the bottom with only about fifty meters more to go. The slope that I had followed down was the drainage chute ending at the mouth of Sentinel Bay.

Once at the bottom I walked the ten or so meters to Garibaldi Lake and filled up my water bottles. The next problem was finding my way to the glaciologists' hut up the valley. [photo]046.jpg [caption]300 meter talus slope, Table Mountain poking up at the top of photo[/photo]
 I could see them from were I was standing and about forty minutes later I arrived at the huts (there are two of them). One cabin is damaged and in need of repair. From the time I left my camp at Table Meadows, fiddling around taking pictures and...

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