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Hurley Silver Mine to Seton Portage via Lost Valley
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.23 - 21:55:59
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges / Cayoosh Range / Cayoosh Range East
  (4 days)     Elevation Gain: 2100m
Participants: Tim Blair, Sandra Nicol, Scott Nelson, James Grifiths, Eloginy Tharmendran and Mike Rosen
Difficulty: 2: Class 2 scrambling along ridgetops, a 35-40 degree snow slope descent with a good runout, and lots of moderate bushwhacking in Lost Valley Creek.
A 4 day hiking traverse from the Hurley Silver Mine to Seton Portage via Melvin Creek and Lost Valley Creek. It was a beautiful trip, but with a very long car shuttle from one end to the other.
We got the idea last year on a trip to Twin Lakes: Hike up Melvin Creek, and then down Lost Valley Creek to Seton Portage. This year the trip became a reality. We considered three possibilities: 1) ford Cayoosh Creek above the Melvin Creek confluence where it looks like there is a trail on the other side, 2) hike along the ridgetops from the hurley silver mine and drop into Melvin Creek from the alpine. 3) bushwhack from the highway bridge over cayoosh creek that is a couple km north of Melvin, and then into the north side of the Melvin Creek valley.

In the week leading up to the trip it rained nearly every day, so option 1) is out because we figure the water will be too high. Option 3) looks like very nasty steep terrain on maps, so we decide on option 2 - an approach from the Hurley Silver Mine alpine.

Tim, James, Eloginy, Mike, Sandra and myself headed up to the Cayoosh after work on Thursday night, the day before Canada Day. At about the 3rd switchback on the Duffey Lake Road, we realize there is a problem. Sandra, Tim and I planned our food for 4 days, whereas James Mike and Eloginy were only planning for 3. Also, Mike and Eloginy were expected at work on Monday morning.

After some debate, we decided the best strategy would be to stretch the food by sharing dinners and Mike would make a stop in Lillooet to tie up job related loose ends as we drove through on the long car shuffle to place a vehicle in Seton Portage. Mike, Tim and I left the others at the base of the Hurley Silver Mine road to set up camp, and we headed north to Lillooet. We dropped MIke off at the gas station on the native reserve just before they closed at 11pm and left him with there with only a toque, a jacket and an FRS Radio. The drive from Lillooet to Seton Portage via...

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