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A Scramble Route up The Galleon
Timestamp Free: 2019.10.16 - 15:57:40
Ranges: North America Ranges / BC Interior Mountains / Skeena Mountains / Babine Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Kathie Wagar, Ted Potsepp, Brian Hall, Alan Edie, Bruce Graff scramble
A scramble to the peak of The Galleon, Babine Mountain Park
This scramble is within the Babine Mountain Park located near Smithers BC. Once at the entrance of the park, drive as far as the last parking lot then start the hike along the road to Sunny Point and then across the bridge to take the Silver King Basin road/trail. It is an easy hike up the Silver King Basin road with little elevation gain - 5% grade with 400 m gain. To the bridge across Silver King Creek it is about 7 km.

Once in the basin about 200 m from the creek that pours over the road as you enter the basin or 500 m back along the road from the Joe L'Orsa cabin there is a dry creek (sometimes with cairns)but a fairly beaten path leading up towards Silver King Lake. This is fairly steep but short -hot in the summer). This is on your left(northwesterly) as you proceed along the road towards the cabin. Follow the path (various routes) to the rocks overlooking the lake. It goes through several scree paths and a small bit over the rounded rocks. Then it is an easy walk to the back of the basin heading towards the gullies that lead to the top of the Galleon. Basically due north. You wander past several small meltwater lakes. There could be still patches of snow even later into the summer. The creek is an amazing colour due to the mineralization of the surrounding rocks.

There is a high pass that you can take just to the left that drops down into Danny Moore basin if you do not want to summit. As you approach the headwalls of The Galleon the first gully right of the ridge seemed to be the best to grovel up. There is usually some snow in the gullies year around, however it is not very deep. Also there are boulders that seem to be fairly cemented into the slope. Later the gulley becomes mainly loose dirt and pebbles along side rock. A small traverse further to...

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