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Losing Weight: From Slim to Meager (Lillooet Icefield Traverse)
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.23 - 22:08:59
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Bridge-Lillooet Divide
  (15 days)
Participants: Dave Campbell, Krystal Koethler, James Griffiths, Scott Nelson and Sandra Nicol
Difficulty: 3: The traverse consisted almost entirely moderate terrain. The main technical difficulties were negotiating crevasses W of Mt. Stanley and on the Lillooet Glacier, a steep descent S of Mu Peak, descending into Devestator Creek below mount Job (crevasse, avalanche and rockfall hazard) and the final traverse to reach the ridge SE of Pylon Peak. Nearly all of the difficulties were in the second half of the trip when we could roll us the sleds and carry everything on our backs.
A 15 day unsupported ski traverse across the Lillooet Icefield from Slim Creek to Meager Creek. Peaks climbed include Mount Tait, Mount Dods, Stanley Peak, Mount Dalgleish and Lillooet Mountain
by Sandra Nicol

30 Days before
(30 days before the trip). When you wait until late March to buy crazy carpets, you have to go all the way to Mount Seymour in a storm to get them.

It really felt like this trip began the night we put the sleds together. With Dave Campbell's previous experience and Scott Nelson's extensive internet research we figured out a design that might just work. I sat at my sewing machine making monster stuff sacks while Dave, Scott, Krystil Koethler and James Griffiths grommeted the sleds together. I was working at sea and about to leave again for Port Hardy. When I got back we would be leaving at last!

27 Days before
I'm not sure which day exactly, Scott, James and Krystal took the sleds to diamond head for practice, and got some strange looks. The sleds were refined a bit, mainly using stiffer shock cord in the towing system.

2 days before
Menu planning. Shopping. Let the food be plentiful and delicious.

One Day before
Packing. Heavy heavy packing.

Day 0
In late April, Scott and I in our car met Dave and Chris Michalak in the rental van and Krystil and James in Beameup at the Tim's in Squamish. Chris had kindly agreed to drive us to Slim Creek Main and then return the rental van to Vancouver. Krystil and I drove out as far as we could get on the Lillooet River Main road, then left my car (and the GPS oops) and returned to the waiting group in Pemberton. The road to Lillooet is scenic, but the road from there to Goldbridge is exciting; the cliff overhangs the road at one point, and at another you drive across a rut in the scree slope. At the general store in Goldbridge we got some incredulous looks from the locals when they found out where we were going and that we...

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