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A Ski up Kiwa Creek in the Premier Range
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.08 - 15:12:52
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Cariboo Mountains / Premier Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Don Funk Road access for most of the valley (some minor alder and possibly some bush beyond the end of the road after the snow melts) Likely, crevasse hazard on the glacier.
Ski trip up and back down the Kiwa Creek valley.
I think a more appropriate title for this report would have been "Wallowing in the Mud and Snow", but I'll leave it at that. I had intended on checking out access to the Premier Range after reading Steve Sheriffs inspiring report about a trip his party made up Kiwa Creek in summer. In this he mentioned the potential prospect of making this trip in the spring on skiis. So this was my intention, and in realizing the length of the route in, hoped for ideal conditions to make the best of the one day I would be spending here, to check out access and perhaps get in a few good turns. But little did I know that mother nature had plans of her own.

I made the drive up from my Surrey home on a Sunday, the day before setting out. I arrived at the small community of Valemount that evening, just as the sun was settling in. The 1/50,000 topo map of the area didn't show the access to and bottom end of Kiwa Creek, so I hauled out my VFR navigational chart (1/500,000 topo of the Prince George region)

I find the VFR topo charts to be great for overall coverage of an area. They give you the big picture, and show major roads, towns, and some logging roads amongst other details. The elevations are colour coded and glaciers appear as white. The Vancouver region map covers all of SW BC, and the Calgary map covers SE BC and the southern interior ranges and rockies. You can purchase them at most small airports, and are intended for use by pilots.

My VFR map which is quite dated now, shows a road heading up the west side of the Fraser River, from Tete Jaune Cache to Tete Jaune, but not any further. (ie doesn't appear to connect with the Kiwa Creek Road.) It also shows a road coming in from the north side, crossing the river further up at Dunster. This one seemed to connect...

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