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Mount Rahm the Hard Way
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 05:44:26
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades / Skagit Range
  (2 days)
Participants: Stew, Mike and Chris. slide alder, route finding, rock travel, snow travel up to 45 degrees and perhaps 12 hour return travel.
An early May hike into the Maselpanik drainage to climb Mt. Rahm. Good conditons permitted a exhilerating ascent to the summit of Mt. Rahm
Oh, I've just been dying to get in the outdoors. With a busy schedule (work, kid and wife), it's been tough to get out enough. When the chance came to go for a summit bid, the saliva started to get pavlovian. We set the stakes for Mt. Rahm. Seemed like the access would be nice and the peak high enough to pretend we were actually players in the alpine world (I'll keep on dreaming).

Chris and I left Vancouver about about 2pm and picked up Mike from work in Burnaby by 3. It was kinda funny watching the caged humans looking curiously out the windows of Mike's office as we loaded his gear into the rig. A pleasant drive up to Hope (sure wouldn't want to be one of the daily commuters), brought us to the Home restaurant. For those in the know, I'm a fool for being in the dark so long. For the people who haven't heard of this place (probably not many), it is worth the wait in line. A quick bite to eat and we were ready to hit the road or logging road as the case might be.

We went to the Silver-Skagit fsr and traveled for about 35km to the Maselpanik fsr. We were stoked to see that the gate was opened but worried that the Interfor sign said that the gate could be closed without notice. We were willing to take that chance. A quick 7.5km up the Maselpanik came to and end when we came to the imfamous "slide alder". This looked like a good place to set the tents and get ready for the morning.

The [px]rahm1.jpg[c]morning[/px] brought broken clouds and frosty tents. The chill made us move quickly and we were rolling on the trail by 0730. Now, this was my first real experience with slide alder and very quickly we all became a little deranged by the ferocity of it. Now some people think that trees aren't really alive but I swear this variety had it in for us. I am pretty sure it...

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