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Mount Sowerby via Hunter Creek - on Skis
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.02 - 10:12:11
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades / Skagit Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 2000m
Participants: Fred Touche, Greg Jones
Difficulty: 3: Long day- some very steep slopes to descend if retreating from the headwall.
Article describes a long day ascending Mount Sowerby via the Hunter Creek road system.
In my other life I work as a Forest Technologist. One day while speaking to silviculture expert Norm Caldicott, we gabbed at great lengths about all the obscure drainages he has worked in over the last 40 odd years (Norm has written a silviculture prescription for just about every drainage in Southwestern BC, talk about road beta!). There were a few drainages he told me to never accept work in. One of them was Hunter Creek. Uh....why Norm? "It's hell Greg! Steep, steep, slopes! Unstable erosion factors! Poorly built roads!" he exclaimed emphatically. I told him we were going up there to ski this weekend and he responded quite calmly, "Oh it's beautiful up there; you'll have a great time".

Fred had attempted Mount Barr in late October with Steve and Drew, but crotch deep post holing had gotten them a little uh....distracted. OK then, pack the skis this time!

A small (big) problem arose in February, as a large chunk of blasted mountainside decided to come down and completely cover the good road leading up Hunter Creek. It happened just off the highway at about 0.75km, and about 200' above sea level. It was a long walk from here to the end of the road, but the optimistic side of me thought that maybe the slide event wasn't that bad, and that maybe my Jeep could get around it. Hey maybe some locals patched it up well enough to drive through?

Fred's not nearly as optimistic (naive?) as me, and he suggested we bring his "econobox" (Tercel), instead of my gas loving Jeep. I still thought there might be a chance the slide was drivable, but when we talked to some (slightly surly) locals, they informed us we would be lucky to climb across, let alone drive. [photo]three.jpg[caption]Ridges above Hunter Creek[/photo]

I brought cheap, light, approach shoes...

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