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Klesilkwa Mountain via Paleface Creek
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.14 - 13:49:47
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades / Skagit Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Fred Touche, Greg Jones
Difficulty: 3: Moderate steep snow (35 degrees) and a couple of minor class 3 steps up top.
Article describes a short and easy day ascending Klesilkwa Mountain via the North Paleface Creek road system.
Fred was originally intent on climbing Atwell on this particular weekend, but the fact that I could only get away for one day changed that plan. (A pending job offer and finals for school took precedent over mountaineering....sort of).

With the weather calling for showers, we put our focus on getting up one of those peaks that got away. Klesilkwa Mountain fit the bill perfectly, as Fred and I (and Don Funk) had originally tried to climb it on a rainy day last year, and ended up summiting Thompson peak instead. See trip report Thompson Peak from Paleface. Klesilkwa is the high point at the N end of Custer Ridge. Fred dropped by my house at about 7am and we hopped in my Jeep, preparing for the battle against the Paleface Creek road system. This road is rough, as debris slides have made a couple of tricky crossings in there wake. We took the Paleface-Meroniuk Spur at Km 2.3. The mighty Jeep had no problem with the trouble spots, but as we got out I noticed smoke coming from underneath. We prematurely diagnosed it as a blown seal in my rear driveshaft (fixed yoke). Not that bad, it could have been worse.

We began as all spring Coast Mountain adventures begin, with skis on our back, slamming through a clearcut. They have (had) cut high in this valley, and the 10-12 year old firs were easy to manipulate through. We reached old growth soon after, staying west of the creek that drains the south face of Klesilkwa. Unfortunately, the skis stayed on the back as snow coverage was minimal [px]nkles.jpg[c]North Summit of Klesilkwa. Rideout, Payne to the right and Eaton, Grant to the left[/px]

Within an hour we were skiing in a beautiful sub-alpine setting below the south face of Klesilkwa Mountain. See photo of Approaching Klesilkwa Mountain. I...

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