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Wapta Icefield Traverse (Bow -Yoho Ski Traverse)
Timestamp Free: 2019.04.19 - 12:56:32
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Waputik Icefield
  (4 days)
Participants: Mike Warren, Kevin Chmilar, Brad Cooke, Robin Harnett
Difficulty: 3: roped glacier skiing, with moderate crevasse hazzard, and possible avalanche hazzard
From Bow Lake, across the Wapta and Des Poilus icefields, coming out at Stanley Mitchell Hut. We also attempted Ayesha, Des Poilus and President Peaks.
Day One:
After meeting in Lake Louise and shuttling cars to Field, we headed up to Bow Summit and were on the trail by about 10:30 with mixed cloud and some serious wind. There were a ton of others out and about and so travel up towards Bow Hut featured speed and a pre-broken trail. We headed into Bow Hut for some lunch and a quick break (and refilled water bottles!).

By this point the sun was out and the day was glorious. We followed another pre-broken trail up onto the Bow Glacier proper and then headed off towards the "col" between Mount Gordon and Rhonda South, en-route to camp below Ayesha, our first objective. See Panorama above Bow Hut.

Heading down off Bow Glacier and towards Ayesha, the wind steadily picked up. See On the Wapta. While discussing where to camp, I had half-jokingly suggested the wind scoop below Ayesha, which appeared to provide the best option of shelter from the North wind, but was clearly probably quite windy (being a wind scoop). We ended up camping here.

Brad and I set up my new Megamid for the first time and since we'd not brought the pole, elected to try his ski poles, strapped together with a couple of toe-straps. Kevin helpfully pointed out that he'd broken a pole using just such a setup, although with a foot of snow involved.

We ignored his advice and had an entertaining night: it turns out the tent sounded just like something sniffing when it fluttered in the wind. Some of the bigger gusts caused some worrisome flexing of the poles.

Day Two
: [photo]ayesha-ridge.jpg[caption]Climbing on Ayesha's South ridge[/photo]

The day was pretty cloudy and snowing when we got up. After brewing up in the Megamid, we left it set up, stashed our gear and humped up the ridge with...

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