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Thar Peak - North Face Couloir
Timestamp Free: 2019.04.23 - 09:58:30
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades / Zopkios Ridge
  (1 days)
Participants: Drew Brayshaw 40 degree snow with some steeper sections and a short mixed chimney
Possible first ascent of the north face couloir on Thar.
Squamish climbing, late February, sunny, warm. Fun. But the sky is so blue and bright I want to be in the alpine racing up some winter alpine route and taking advantage of the good conditions. A concrete snowpack and not a hint of wind.

Drive back to Chilliwack, full of mountain films. Blinking light on the machine, Shaun calling, "Yeah, remember how you were sick last week? Well, I'm sick this week."

Thinking of something to solo the next morning. I could go to the Chilliwack Valley, or Golden Ears, or (etc.) but what about that face on Thar? You get a really good look at it from Zoa. Don said he'd never heard of anyone climbing it. Hmm, yeah!

Grab some water, snacks, tools, crampons, helmet, stuff them in the pack. Run out the door, jump in the car, drive 10km down the road, realize I forgot the wallet, drive back.

Breakfast in Hope. Triple-O Sauce and hash browns at the gas station. Bottom of the Mousetrap running water, top of the Mousetrap fat ice. Strange days we live in. Up the Coquihalla with snowline on the south faces up over the summit and cold looking north faces. Fat blue ice hidden in the north bowls. It may be that it is there every year, but most years it will be buried under winter blankets.

Park at Falls Lake. Grab the pack and start walking, there's no way I'm gonna carry skis or snowshoes up a climb with these conditions. Looking over my shoulder at more cars pulling in behind mine, who are these people, are they going to break into my car?

Falls Lake frozen with a trackless whiteness draped over the lake. I leave a line of footprints wavering through the snow to the far end of the lake, stop in shadow and look up. There it is!

There are a lot of potential winter climbs on this face but the most obvious and easiest is a huge...

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