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North Nesakwatch Spire - North Ridge Winter Solo
Timestamp Free: 2019.10.16 - 18:50:56
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Rexford Group
  (1 days)
Difficulty: 4: Steep climbing class 4-mid5th
Technical climbing in the record dry February sunshine, normally this is strictly a summer route
We'll we had a really dry, sunny February but the rains were forecast to come again so I figured maybe one good blast would be nice to satisfy me before this nice spell of winter weather was over...
 I'd been looking at the Ensakwatch Enchainment for a while, I'd seen the spires (and Rexford) from Slesse in August, and had heard from friends that the rock up there was good quality. So With hopes that there wouldn't be too much snow on the route I set off from North Van at 6:30ish. I was nearly at the washout but got into a good backwards slide on an icy hill with a waterbar at the bottom, luckily I managed to stay on the road and get back across the waterbar and park.
 Then I started hiking along the road at around 8:15, it had some snow and ice but was pretty nice walking and I made it to the clearcut around 9:45... This is where the work began, crossing the logging slash with one foot of snow on it was not only frustrating but dangerous it took quite a while for me to cross it to its upper right corner and I punched through holes up to my waist several times. But once I reached the forest there was no snow and the trail is quite obvious. I started to cruise and had a great big drink from the stream and refilled my camelbak. Nearing the top of the creek drainage the forest thins out and snow on the left by the rock wall became a problem again. But I managed to stay in some trees to the right and found myself resting on a boulder in the sun below the North Spire around noon. Needless to say the views throughout the day were fantastic I was happy to be in the hills again and excited because it didn't look like there was much snow on the rock.
 I slowly climbed the snow slope below the N spire's NW face it had been avalanching loose snow recently but the sun...

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