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Moonlight Over Mountains: A Ski Traverse of the Bonnington Range
Timestamp Free: 2020.03.31 - 16:14:11
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Bonnington Range
  (4 days)
Participants: Doug Brown, Sandra McGuinness, Jeremy Baker, Kumo the dog Snow slopes to 40 degrees, some tightly treed, some avalanche terrain to negotiate, narrow ridge walk between Colony and Empire Peaks.
Over sunny days with moonlit nights our party of three traversed the Bonnington Range from Bombi Summit out to Barrett Lake.
Day 1: Grassy Mountain and Grassy Cabin

Way back in October 2004, I put a three day trip into the Copper Cabin on the KMC winter trip schedule for late February. However, when late February came around with a solid high pressure system holding sway over the entire province of BC and a full moon guaranteeing bright nights to match the bright days, adding an extra day to the trip and doing the complete Bonnington Traverse seemed much more appealing than skiing up to the Copper Cabin and trying to eke out turns on south facing, and undoubtedly, sun-crusted slopes. My pre-trip attempts to find out if the Bombi Road (Munson FSR) was still plowed were all unsuccessful, so we packed four days of food figuring that if we skipped the Grassy Hut and went straight on to Steed Cabin, we would make a high traverse over Dominion Mountain and spend our extra night at the Huckleberry Hut.

Doug and I met Jeremy at the hitching post in Nelson at 8 am on February 22nd and we all drove south on Highway 6 to the Porto Rico Road where we left Jeremy's truck and continued on to Bombi Summit in ours. At Bombi Summit, the powerline road looked plowed so we drove on up. Around kilometre 3, it became apparent that BC Hydro was no longer plowing the road, but, so little snow had fallen since the last plow that the road was easily negotiable to kilometre 7. This put us at around 1600 metres due west of the pass between Grassy and South Grassy Mountains.

Leaving the truck at 9.40 am, we skied through the woods and picked up the old road that switchbacks up to the pass, which we followed for about 500 metres before taking a more direct line up to the ridge. Jeremy hadn't been to the Grassy Hut before, so we skied down to the cabin for lunch arriving at 11.15 am. A couple of sleeping bags...

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