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Mount Taillefer Loop from Brian Waddington Hut
Timestamp Free: 2020.09.26 - 12:13:33
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Cadwallader Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Doug Brown, Sandra Nicol, Scott Nelson, Jackie Trudeau
Difficulty: 3: Steep ski descent of a large avalanche path is the crux. Good conditions and avalanche training are essential.
Skied a clockwise loop around Mt. Shadowfax and Mt. Taillefer starting and ending at the Brian Waddington hut. This loop included a descent of the huge avalanche path off Mt. Taillefer.
New year's day dawned clear and cold, but no one was up early to take advantage of it. A late night of singing, drinking and naked laps had taken their toll on most of the 30 or so people at the hut. By the time the early risers were ready to get skiing it was already 10am. We'd had our fill of powder yoyoing in the previous 3 days, so Sandra and I decided to go for a tour. Doug Brown and Jackie were in as well. We wanted to get over to the north side of Taillefer, across the valley, to see what things were like over there. We figured we could loop around Taillefer and join James and Vern's tracks where they came up over the shoulder south of Taillefer and back to the hut.

We set out up the existing skin track up the valley past Gandalf and Aragorn, and then turned east. The ridgetop linking Aragorn to Shadowfax is very rocky, but we found good skiing on the north side of it where the snow was deep. A snack break near Shadowfax was hurried by the cold weather, so we pulled off the skins and started the descent down the basin NE of Shadowfax. Unfortunately this slope was full of many big boulders; otherwise it would have made a good ski run. We followed the basin as far east as we could, and then took off traversing down into the forest. We did our best to keep high, and then we put on our skins when we neared the NE branch of Phelix Creek, which flows down from the north side of Taillefer.

Pleasant meadows led us up into the basin. We skipped the lakes to climb onto a bench system further north, skiing through nice connected open meadows. From the end of the bench we, skied up around a bowl crossing a large south facing slope to reach the high col NE of Mt. Taillefer. More snacks at the col, and then we pushed on up the ridge towards Taillefer before contouring...

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