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Rockies Ice 2004/2005
Timestamp Free: 2020.11.25 - 00:36:13
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges
  (null days)
Participants: Chris Geisler, Pierre Darbellay, J.D., Kate Sinclair, Barry Blanchard, Matt Mueller, Paul McSorely, Deborah, Stewart, Raphael Slawinski, Leila, and Janez Ales See summary at the bottom of the description.
A month of ice climbing in the Canadian Rockies.
I moved to Canmore at the beginning of December 2004 after a decade of coming here on ice climbing trips. The frst month or so climbing was really good. First day of climbing I went out with a new roommate Pierre to Virtual Reality. At some point there were 6 of us living in the house, so climbing partners were in abundance. Next day Sean and co. dragged me to the end of the Stanley Headwall, where I scratched up my third mixed rote. Thriller was thrilling and I nearly gave up on ice climbing in order to pursue a full time career in mixed climbing :) Luckily, I kept my ice cool desires.

My work deadline resulted in about 80 hours of work before I could truly commit to climbing again. Nevertheless, I did manage to get out once with Kate for a day on Professor Falls. The trailhead starts only a stroll from the Banff Springs hotel. From there an hour bike ride on sheer ice or two hours of walking on the same surface deposits you at the base of the famous gulley. We did not have bikes :( This was the only ice route I had to hang on an ice screw back in 1994 when I started playing this cold game. This time around I had more fun. Of course if we forget the fact that 2nd and 3rd pitch were pouring with water from little icicles. Once you touch that it produces an opening for a true shower.

See photo: Kate Sinclair on the top of the first pitch of Professor Falls.

Terminator Wall was fat looking from the road. This time around we had bikes :) I headed up there on a cold day with Barry. It was cold enough that one of his picks broke. Sea of Vapors was great except for a streak of human shit from the last belay :( Views of the party on Terminator were very inviting.

See photo: Barry Blanchard on the 2nd pitch on Sea of Vapors.

See photo:...

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