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Mountain Marathon -- McConnell & Drummond in 2.4 Days
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.03 - 03:59:43
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Drummond Group
  (3 days)
Participants: Rick Collier
Difficulty: 2: Class 2 to 3 depending one exact route.
This reports recounts a solo trip of some 75 km over 2.4 days during which period two remote 10,000+ peaks were ascended
I had hoped to do this mountain marathon in two days, with only one night out in light bivy gear; well, I came close to making it, but finally had to stretch this epic to 2.5 days.

I left Calgary about 6:00 on the 28th of August (1994) and was off cycling to Temple Lodge from Fish Creek about 8:30. I stashed the bike in the bush on the far side of the ski run, and hustled up the trail into the Hidden Lake alpine area. I hit Boulder Pass about 10:15 just when the day was turning perfect - clear and cool, but sunny (See Ptarmigan Lake).. Then easily around the W and N ends of Ptarmigan Lake and up to Deception Pass by 11:00, where I had a fine view of the imposing shark fin called Wall of Jericho (See Jericho). Then the long bash down to near Skoki Lodge, around Skoki Mountain, and through the pretty valley to the E. I reached the Red Deer Lakes campground just before 1:00, where I stopped for a bite to eat.

I continued across the meadows of the upper Red Deer valley toward the warden's cabin and then hung a right and humped E along trail paralleling the river itself. By 2:00 I was at the gravely outflow from the Drummond Glacier, where I should have studied the possible descents from Drummond Peak more carefully in preparation for my attempt on the following day, but was too busy gawking at waterfalls and the high cirque and nature generally to be bothered paying much attention to important details.

Then more trail, occasional bushwhacking, along with a stop for a view of the peaks to the south (See Black Douglas), for 8.5 km to the upper Red Deer warden's cabin, where I arrived at about 4:00pm. Here I turned W and headed up the unnamed creek flowing down from Roaring Pass - it was truly a bushwhack, with some steep sections...

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