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Mining the White Gold: Musical Bumps
Timestamp Free: 2019.05.24 - 08:06:21
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges / Fitzsimmons Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Rita Rice; Mitch Sulkers
Difficulty: 2: NTD; generally intermediate slopes with steeper slopes possible; avalanche terrain
The Musical Bumps, in Garibaldi Provincial Park, provide fine intermediate to expert ski touring terrain with easy access and consistent snow conditions.
I'd been raving so much about the touring conditions along the Musical Bumps that it didn't make sense to change our plans for a tour to the Bumps on one of my wife's rare days off, but, unfortunately, that's just what we did when some of our friends called to invite us on a trip to Cerise Creek. After that relationship tester on a trail not yet ready for touring, I finally made good on my promise to head out to the bumps with her on her next day off.

So on Monday, off we headed to the Bumps. The new access road from the Burntstew Road was covered with eager hikers in various states of preparedness for the new "inbounds backcountry experience". Rather than trekking the cat track, we chose to set a new track through the powder to Flute Summit and twenty minutes later we were on top, sitting on one of the new benches that grace the summit and lookin through the fence towards our objective.

Ducking under the fence, we contoured to the SW across the summit plateau. A little wind from the NE two days before had scuffed the surface of the summit, but only metres below the summit plateau, a week old deposit of fine powder, well-dried by the low temperatures, waited for our tracks. Without stumbling over a single barely buried log or straddling a partially covered creek (a la Cerise), we were treated to a nice little run through a glade complex to the Flute/Oboe Col and a sunny meadow. It was a peaceful place to play for awhile, so we did. [photo]R2FluteCent500.jpg[caption]Rita slices towards the Flute/Oboe Col on Untracked[/photo]

Although the powder was very nice and untracked on this route, we chose to set a track to Oboe Summit. Following a contour on north-facing slopes, we enjoyed the work to the summit through a gently rounded landscape topped with a sparkling...

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