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Ascents of Marmot, Silverhorn, Conical Peak, etc.
Timestamp Free: 2019.05.23 - 17:42:39
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Front Ranges / Murchison Group
  (3 days)
Participants: Rick Collier
Difficulty: 3: Moderate scrambling
On this marvellous trip from Dolomite Pass to Noyes Creek,I covered 30 km, ascended Marmot Mt., Silverhorn Mt. South Shale Ridge, Conical Peak, and several unnamed summits
I started out on about 9:00am on July 15, 1992, from the most easterly trailhead for Helen Lake (Helen Creek Bridge) to attempt a solo three-day trip; but I wasn't heading off into complete terra incognita -- at least part of this adventure had been pioneered three years previously by my friends Graeme and Marnie Pole.

I hiked up Helen Creek, but instead of staying on the trail to the lake I took the scrambly shortcut to Kathryn Lake, a shortcut that does a modest dogleg around the ridge at GR 418/256 on 82 N/9 (Hector Lake). Just when trotted around the end of the ridge and started to sidehill along the lake, I spotted several bears at the far end of Kathryn; this seemed like an extraordinarily good time to stop for a lengthy snack. So I did, and when I peeked up over the boulder behind which I was resting/hiding the bruins had vanished.

I reached Dolomite Pass at GR 426/273 after about 8 km and 2.5 hrs. I crossed the pass and descended down toward Isabella Lake; a couple of km before the lake - about 13 km from Dolomite Pass - I reached what backcountry travellers call Dolomite Crossing (GR 393/358), a ford across a stream descending from the WSW and a couple of km N and E of Marmot Mt. I bushwhacked and thrashed up the NE flank of Marmot and into this unnamed valley, which I followed for a couple of km to a clearing in the alpland forest at about 7000', somewhat to the S of and above the primary stream.

Here I dropped my overnight pack and hustled up through light forest and over scree for 1500' to the large summit cairn on the most westerly (and highest) of two apexes on this minor eminence (8520'); the Marmot Mt. register's last entries were from 1989 - Bob Saunders and Reg Bonney on one trip, and Graeme and Marnie Pole on a subsequent venture....

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