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Elusive Peak - Elusive as a Rainbow
Timestamp Free: 2019.12.06 - 23:58:32
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges / Brew-Siwhe Group
  (2 days)
Participants: Klaus Haring Short bushwack, steep scrambling
This report describes an attempt on Mount Elusive, and a probable first ascent of the subpeak Elusive N2.
Elusive Pk. 9111' is located on the NW corner if the Stein watershed and is the highest peak on the divide between Skihist and Siwhe. About 3 weeks ago I went into the area with Wolf and Robin Tivy. From the end of the E. Gott Cr. road we could see the precipitous north slopes of Elusive and the ridge connecting it with Mt Russell. There were few weaknesses, the most promising being the pass about 4km to the east and the 2nd one from the peak. At that time we had decided that Mount Russell would be a more reasonable objective with a 15 year old. See Mt Russell Trip Report

Ten days later when we had a few clear days again I decided to try the peak by myself. With the forecast for a change the next day and some clouds already appearing on the horizon the best hope for gaining the summit seemed to try the steep couloir to the first pass, camp there and climb the peak in the afternoon. In the beginning going was better than expected, through the logging slash and a band of avalanche second growth, the mature forest was denser with bigger deadfalls and lots of bush, but after 45 minutes I was at the edge of the boulder filled valley below my pass. The creek flows underground here, only to the east was there a small lake.

The boulders are so big you can't just go where you want, you must go where they let you. Near the center of the valley they started to be covered with shrapnel from more recent rockfalls. I ended up heading for the base of the tower west of my gully. That kept the final couloir mercifully out of my view until I was half way up. When I saw it again it looked worse than before. There seemed to be some vertical slabs below a nasty red gully. I was not sure whether I could do it. I started to do some serious thinking. There was now a band of...

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