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Ledge Mountain from Mountain Lake Hut
Timestamp Free: 2019.10.20 - 06:20:55
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Sky Pilot Group
  (1 days)
Participants: Paul Kubik, Jos Van der Burg, Larry Kost
Difficulty: 4: Class 2; one exposed Class 4 section midway along The Ledge, where you don't want to slip.
A climb of Ledge Mountain from Mountain Lake hut. The climb goes up The Ledge, a route across the south face.
We reached Ledge Mountain from Mountain Lake hut in early August. We hiked down the Mountain Lake trail to Utopia Lake and bushwhacked back up to the Sky Pilot-Sheer col. From the col we dropped east to get around a bump and traversed into the broad scree-filled basin below Ledge Mountain.

The scree is followed up the east shoulder to the base of The Ledge. At this point I was looking up and wondering if The Ledge is some kind of joke because the face looks awesome and the route totally improbable. It was funny because Larry was thinking the same thing. Brett McConochie had done it a couple of weeks earlier from Stawamus River. I asked Jos if he was sure they didn't use a rope.

Anyway, we did what we usually do in these situations. We just kept going until getting stopped by something. The weird thing was that The Ledge, once we reached where it intersects the east shoulder, was a sidewalk. You just couldn't see it from below. The real crux comes about half way up where it narrows down from about 2 meters wide to under one foot. Fortunately, there were some nice holds on the wall above. [photo]TheLedge-s.jpg[caption]Jos and Larry on The Ledge. Stawamus-Indian Main behind.[/photo]

The upper part exits onto some krumholz which we followed to the summit. The final summit block required some little bit of rock work. We heard voices on Sky Pilot and could pick out some teenagers in running shoes scaling it on the east side.

On the way back, we stayed high on the ridge from the Sky Pilot-Sheer col. It was a much better way back to Mountain Lake. In fact, we skirted Mountain Lake on the opposite side from the hut. It was much shorter to get back to the Furry Creek...

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