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Thompson Peak via Paleface Creek
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.02 - 08:37:13
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Cascade Range / Canadian Cascades / Skagit Range / Custer Ridge
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 891m
Participants: Don Funk, Fred Touche, Greg Jones
Difficulty: 3: off route class 3, some exposure
Article describes a somewhat long day ascending Thompson Peak via Paleface Creek. Waypoints are from Don's GPS.
I picked up Fred and Don in Surrey and we were off to climb something on the Chilliwack/Skagit Divide. As we drove through a torrential rainstorm from Langley to Abbotsford, we took turns saying "wow it's really ugly out there". We eventually bumped down the permanently potholed road past Chilliwack Lake and turned east on the unmarked Paleface Creek FSR.

We reached the rough North Branch and took off in 4-Low. Some significant washouts were navigated and we eventually came to the mother of all washouts, about 4.5km from the mainline. A creek had literally [px]wash.jpg[c]taken over the road[/px], so we put on the boots and started walking.

From the end of the road we could see a large rock slide that would give access to a north-western portion of Custer Ridge. Our first inclination was to climb Klesilkwa Mountain, but our wonderful [px]slide.jpg[c]steep rock slide[/px] was pushing us more south, and thus, farther away from Klesilkwa.

We attained the ridge at about 5200' and looked down upon some beautiful meadows with two alpine lakes sitting beside each other. We dropped down just above the lake and "revised" our plans. Klesilkwa was quite far north of our current position, and visibility was almost nil. We consulted the map and it appeared there was a nice ridge system that ran south-east towards Thompson Peak. [photo]double.jpg[caption]Double lakes[/photo]

We had to regain the ridge via some easy class 3 least that was what it appeared like from the bottom. Once we were up below the ridge, it got a lot more interesting. Fred was quite far up ahead, and Don and I were trying to figure out where the heck he was. Fred called out from atop the ridge telling us not the climb the slanting gulley he had just ascended. One look revealed a long...

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