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Robertson Peak - Second Ascent
Timestamp Free: 2019.03.25 - 18:02:22
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Chehalis Group
  (2 days)
Participants: Drew Brayshaw, Don Serl, Steven Harng
Difficulty: 4: Class 4 rock, glacier travel, short sections of horrible bushwacking
Second ascent of Robertson Peak, via new route from Tipella Creek.
Robertson Peak is one of those peaks you can see from almost everywhere, but that no one climbs. Robertson has, or had, this impregnable mystique based on the fact that Doug Kasian and Ross Lillie climbed it in a 4 day snowshoe blitz in Feb 78 via Tretheway Creek. The Tretheway road was abandoned soon after and no one since seems to have braved the "slide alder hell" of the overgrown Tretheway roads.

Robertson is not on an icefield so it doesn't make the ski tourers' list. The whole Robertson-Stave-Winslow divide was considered for a traverse by John Clarke and Paul Adam in the early 90's, but the steep climb out of Winslow Creek and difficult pinnacles on the divide north of Winslow Wall put them off their game and they aborted the trip.

Well, you can see this area well from the Judge, the Chehalis and Stave River country. I got the bug about climbing Robertson back in 1991 when I made it up Grainger on my first ever true alpine climb. However I too had the idea that access was nearly impossible. This lasted until 2000 when I started working out of the Forestry Office in Chilliwack and found myself in possession of every TRIM map and FDP chart for the whole South Coast. I noticed that the Tipella Road had been recently reactivated and pointed like an arrow straight at Robertson. Hot damn!

Of course with one thing and another (mostly Athelstan) I didn't get to make a crack at Robertson until 2002, with Don. Well, as recounted in the Weekend Warrior TR we got to the end of the road, noticed the Land Cruiser tire going flat, spent 4 hours filing the tire chain through with an ice tool sharpener, and bailed out of there.

In 2003 Jordan and Steve made it partway up the road but a fallen tree, clouds of bugs, and +35C temperatures drove them away to...

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