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Seton Ridge to Downton Ridge
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 07:06:39
Ranges: Seton Ridge
  (4 days)
Participants: Stew, Sean, Max, Pete, and Ben
Difficulty: 3: easy to moderate. Class 3-4, depending on route chosen. Very loose rock in places.
A hike into the Seton Ridge area and camp below Ostinato Peak. We did some day hiking around Ostinato and Mount Seton. We hoped to access Mt Seton from here but were unable due to weather.
If I was given a choice of only having one road to use to access the backcountry (within 4 hours of my home) I think it would be the Duffey lake road. (Side note: I sure am glad that I have more than one road to choose from however). In winter it gives killer access to some real steep and deep and huts galore. In the summer you can choose a side of the road and find ridges to stroll peaks to bag and glaciers to gawk at. So for this Duffey lake trip we thought we might try going to the northern end of Duffey and head up to the Seton ridge trail to get to the alpine. This area looked very exciting after seeing Don Funk's photo of the eastern Cayoosh range. See Eastern Cayoosh Range from Seton Ridge trail

Thursday August 19
We left Vancouver in the morning under sunny skies and warm weather. After a stop at Whistler for food and liquids we continued on our way to the Duffey Lake road. The closer we go to the Seton ridge road the warmer the temps got. At the turn off to the Seton road it was smoking hot! Nothing like warm weather to keep the muscles loose. We 2wd up to the trail head and started up the trail. I always like to warm up on some flat trail to get the body ready for punishment. With this trail though,there was no warm up. Right away the trail cranked up and there were moans of discomfort from some of the crew. The group quickly splintered and I was left alone to contemplate the sound of my thudding heart which seemed like it wanted to jump straight out my ribcage. The [px]set1.jpg[c]views[/px] from the [px]set2.jpg[c]ridge[/px] were outstanding but there was a haze in the air from the Whitecap creek fire northwest of Seton Portage.

We planned on going about 11 km to the base of Cy3 (Ostinato Peak) the first day but after a couple of...

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