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Mount Neilsen - East Ridge via Kwoiek Creek
Timestamp Free: 2020.08.11 - 22:30:27
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges
  (1 days)
Participants: Don Funk, Greg Jones
Difficulty: 4: Exposed 3rd and 4th class scrambling on good to loose rock
Article describes the ascent of this remote 8700ft peak northwest of Kwoiek Creek, by way of the east ridge.
September had been a pretty bad month weather-wise in BC. Record rainfall and unseasonably cold weather had put a damper on some big September plans for me. My wife and I had been rained out of the Valhallas and off the crags in Squamish, and Don and I had been weathered off of an attempt on Williams Peak. So when the forecast called for sunny weather we planned to get up something big and somewhat remote. The only problem was that I could only get away for one of the two days.

Don and I really enjoyed our last trip into the Kwoiek Creek area a bit of an epic on Skihist and wanted to plan another trip into the area before the snow started flying. From the summit of Skihist we saw a lot of great routes on large peaks in the surrounding area. We had a couple of plans, either to bash our way up Cederbench Creek and bag some large peaks (Klowa, Nikaia) on the high divide above North Kwoiek Creek. Or the other option was to see if the bridges along the main Kwoiek Creek FSR had been pulled yet, (the Cascade Forest District had plans to pull the "unsafe" bridges in October) and climb the impressive Mount Neilsen.

If we were going to get up anything in the Kwoiek Creek area in one day, we would have to get an early start. Don picked me up from my Coquitlam area house at 4:00am and we were off. The drive up the Fraser Canyon and West Side Road went smooth, and we headed up the Kwoiek Creek Mainline. As we drove up to the first suspected bridge it was a relief to find it still intact. A new sign stating "Bridge Closed-Unsafe" was all that had been changed (they eventually did pull both bridges in Oct 04).
  We drove close to the end of the scenic (but rough) mainline and saw a steep treed ridge, consulting the map it looked like it ran right to tree line...

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