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Climb of Mount Cronin (in Babine Mountain Park)
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.24 - 18:37:30
Ranges: North America Ranges / BC Interior Mountains / Skeena Mountains / Babine Range
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1580m
Participants: Brian Hall, Kathie Wagar
Difficulty: 3: easy - mix of trail and open alpine. Some boulder hopping and a short section of remnant glacier and short scramble to the top of the peak.(Class 3)
A description of the easy route up Mt. Cronin to the peak via the large plateau like ridge system from Hyland Pass.
[photo]cronin.jpg[caption]The route to Cronin through the Silver King Basin and Hyland Pass[/photo]

Cronin Peak is obscured by most of the other mountains and plateaus in Babine Mountain Park. Cronin mountain however, is very distinguishable and part of the scenic landscape of the Park viewed from Smithers. The road into Silver King basin is popular year round with various groups of recreationalists. Most people stop at the cabin and do not explore much farther. Beyond the cabin, a trail goes up to Hyland Pass, and from there you can connect to the Cronin Creek trail.

The trip takes about 10 - 11 hours car to car but some could make it in way less time. This also depends on the snow level, the ice on the glacier and finding the rock cairns showing the route up the headwall. The elevation gain is: 800 meters at the carpark to 2380 meters at the summit - 1580 meter gain (or 5184 feet)

The first part of the trip goes relatively quickly to the Silver King Basin and cabin. This is well marked.UTM - 355865. The next portion of the Hyland Pass trail (also posted)and then off trail up to the main ridge is also easy but steep. UTM 365865. Goats and wolverine are often seen in the Hyland Pass area.Once on the ridge UTM - 369864(in the summer) stay heading towards the north - the right hand side of the ridge for the quickest ascent. During snow, the left hand side is easier but longer. Once at the end of the ridge line there are several knobs which are fun to scramble up and view the Chapman Lake area and the Cronin trail below. UTM 371887. Many people believe this point to be the summit but there is more. A small ice patch and headwall have to be navigated prior to the peak. Dropping down into the col and over the remnant glacier can be tricky in summer...

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