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Hakai Marine Park by Kayak - Kwakshua Channel to Shearwater
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.18 - 08:31:19
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / North Coastal Archipelago Ranges
  (16 days)
Participants: Uwe Bauer, Evi Bauer, Silke Gumplinger, Peter Gumplinger n/a
Calvert Island is about 80 km north of Vancouver Island, just opposite Rivers Inlet.
The trip started at Kwakshua Channel, which divides Calvert Island from Hecate Island to the north. See the details section at the end of the trip report for logistics info on how to get there.

Day 1
June 15: 9:30am - ferry leaves Port Hardy; 2pm - ferry passes Cape Calvert and we commence wet launch preparations on the car deck. The captain decides on a drop-off site just north of east entrance to Kwakshua Channel off Hecate Island; 3pm - car deck hatch opens and crew starts preparing the special wet launch ramp; 3:30pm - wet launch from stern of the vessel complete - two double kayaks, gear and provisions for 16 days and 40 liters of water.

The packing before and during launch was a bit frantic, so we decide to rearrange some gear while we are still sheltered behind Experiment Pt. and before heading for the white-caps in Kwakshua Channel. We take first GPS reading (GPS-1) in Experiment Bight. It is sunny but a strong wind blows straight down the channel from the west. Several creeks on Hecate Island bring lots of water from the heavy rain the previous days and weeks. We round Whittaker Pt. and cross over to a muddy bay north of Pruth Bay and south of Meay Islet. There is a decent campsite on Calvert Island (GPS-2) tucked behind a little islet in the bay. We later find a trail opposite our site that climbs to one or two camp spots in the trees high on the islet. There is a midden ridge connecting this islet with Calvert Island. This ridge does not completely flood for a 13.9 feet tide at Adams Harbour (14.1 feet at Wadhams) during the night.

Day 2 June 16
Sunny. We paddle north past Meay It. and encounter strong cross winds and much refracted wave action as we round the north tip of Calvert Island heading west to Sandspit Pt.. We...

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