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Marble Wandering
Timestamp Free: 2019.09.16 - 14:53:03
Ranges: North America Ranges / BC Interior Plateau / Marble Range
  (3 days)
Participants: Drew Brayshaw; Merran Fahlman Some sport climbing and some hiking
Hiking and climbing in the Marble Range.
Merran and I were planning a trip to climb some Wall Creek granite when the weather forecast intervened. We decided to hit Lillooet instead. After all, it's always dry in Lillooet, right?

Drove up to Lillooet Thursday night. Friday woke up to rain. Hmmmm. Drove into Lillooet for breakfast. Just as bad in the summer.

Gold Bridge was out so we decided to go cragging at Marble Canyon. Drove to Marble. Rock was wet and rain was falling, hmmm what to do? Sat around in Merran's van reading Raymond Chandler until the sun came out.

After cragging at the Lower Wall for a while and finding a spot to place my new #4 Big Bro we headed off to explore the Cardiac Wall. After slogging across some scree we found that this crag hasn't been visited apparently since before Lyle published his guidebook. Lots of rock and few to no routes. Also some crummy rock and bushes. Hmmmm. We climbed the two existing routes and went back to the Lower Wall.

That evening we drove up the logging road behind the park to a nice free campsite. While investigating the campsite we found wild mushrooms, Merran decided they weren't poisonous after eating one, so we picked a bucket full the next morning. (These turned out to be delectable gem-studded puffballs, yum.) After that it started raining again and we spent most of the day loafing around and trying to decide where to go and what to do. The walls were soaked.

After driving into Cache Creek for coffee it came down to, north or south? Home lay south, so we went north. I wanted to explore some Marble Range trails.

I had left my copy of the Campbell hiking guide behind so bought a Backroad Mapbook which repeated some of the same info. With this we managed to find Porcupine Creek road. After making coffee at the picnic site by the lake on the...

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