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Castle Towers Via Garibaldi Lake - Day Trip
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.29 - 18:24:28
Ranges: Western North America / Southwest BC / Garibaldi Area / Garibaldi Lake Area / Panorama Ridge
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 3500m
Participants: Colin Widrig
Difficulty: 3: Final notch is a short and very loose Class 3 at top.
As noted in a trip report by Martin Berka, Castle Towers is a day trip, although I think one may regret it two days later when you can't move your legs down any kind of slope.
A day trip to Castle Towers in August is rather unevenful, as I read back in my hiking journal of 1997. Starting at the Rubble Creek parking lot, I followed the highway-like trail to point where the route to Panorama Ridge cuts off to the right. Over panorama and on to Gentien is kind of boring. It's not until I descended to the col between Gentien Ridge and Polemonium Ridge that the trip gets more interesting. It's a long way from anywhere when you're on your own.

With the ridge completely bare of snow, the going was quite easy, easier, that is, than it no doubt was in November, from the description in Martin Berka's report. The ridge is a steady grade for what seemed like a few hours, over some very large boulders and up one steep section that, if I remember correctly, was a low class three. After that, the only trouble, other than worrying about the time, was a very short and very loose section just below the highest summit. On the return, the 400 m or so gain from the pass below to the top of Gentien Ridge was not pleasant, as it was the last elevation gain of the trip, totalling something like 3500 m cumulative. According to my calculations, this trip is over 50 km; and it took 14 hrs 5...

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