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A Nostalgic Return to Sarbach
Timestamp Free: 2019.03.22 - 22:55:10
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Waputik Mountains
  (1 days)
Participants: Rick Collier, Manfred Czechah, Paul Russell
Difficulty: 3: Moderate scramble
Back after 23 years to finally reach the true summit, the author discovers minor flaws in Alan Kane's guidebook.
On July 17, three Old Goats made an ascent of this classic scramble -- Rick C. (G. Goat), Manfred C.(M.B. Goat), and Paul Russell (newly named as Kid Goat).
  Most of you out there in Goatland have climbed this peak and its ascent is more than adequately detailed in Alan Kane's book "How to Climb by the Numbers and Alter the Geology of the Rockies by So Doing" (see pp. 303-04 in New Ed).
  But it is a long climb, being about 20 km RT (depending on yr route) and slightly over a vertical mile in elevation gain, and I would like to offer up a few notes of my own that are perhaps worthwhile, a small subgroup thereof serving as a mild corrective to some of what Alan suggests.
  We drove up to Waterfowl Lake CG on the afternoon of July 16 -- a significant strategy unless you want a very early start and long day from Calgary. It is 2.5 hrs from the city to CG, and it would be wise to arrive prior to 4:00pm, at which point the sites begin to fill up. Waterfowl is not designed for monster RV's, but there are at least as many modestly sized tin cans on wheels as tents; for the most part, however, the campers in RV's tend to stay ensconced within their artificial exoskeletons and not make much noise. The CG is, therefore, relatively quiet, the one exception being numerous and omnipresent children whose only vocal range is an ear-splitting shriek.
  We had originally planned on packing up to the old fire lookout (or higher), but one Old Goat (who shall remain nameless) dislikes shouldering a backpack unless such a Medieval torture is absolutely essential for purification of soul; besides, G. Goat reasoned that there might not be water or snow available unless a party were to ascend all the way -- 3600'! -- to the football field on the grassy ridge where alpinists intent on...

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