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Promises to Keep -- Adventures on the East Face of Cirque
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.26 - 22:44:28
Ranges: Place Glacier Group
  (2 days)
Participants: Jordan Peters, Steve Harng, Justin Thibault.
Difficulty: 4: Snow to 45 degrees
An adventure in snow on the east face of Cirque Peak. Though the route has been skiied with helicopter support, this is the first recorded ASCENT of the face.
I got a close up view of this face from Marriot a year or so ago. The rock looked bad, but the face was pretty big and contained arrays of winter lines. Was this what I was looking for, a corner on the map -- close to home -- that was not merely on the tissue-thin edge of mountaineering knowledge in the Coast Mountains, but was a bubble in the system, a stepped-over valley of worthy routes yet to be done?

March must be the time to wage an attack, I thought -- still cold enough for consistent ice. Justin Thibault and I went in in his new "genital-red" raised Tayahhhta monster and we wondered, was this the opposite of a construction worker from the Fraser Valley driving a Toyota Prius? The good thing about driving such a machine in snowmobile country is that you have little worry about getting snobbed out/ broken into by the current Land-Use Plan movers and shakers; if anything, we thought, it would score us some Billy-Jane-Sue phone numbers tucked under the wipers.

We skied in on the well-travelled road and over the two-stroke small talk the ends of our seemingly Neolithic means got bigger and bigger at the end of the valley. ("Whoa, you dudes got ends to your means? That really is lame!"). Some big stuff back there, but taking our skiis off around the bivy boulder we sank to our waists in powder and we realized how lame we really were. [photo]boulder.jpg[caption]Bivy boulder[/photo]

And like seeing your daughter picked up in a Camaro by the Fonz, we trained the spotting scope on the face and saw that someone had had just about the most amazing ski run ever on the east gully that day. The realization that our virgin was now spoiled was salvaged with the rationalization that there was no possible way the other, main face had been skiied. 60 degrees...

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