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Alpha By Bike (Self-Propelled)
Timestamp Free: 2020.01.21 - 19:53:58
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (3 days) Easy to moderate. The river crossing poses some difficulty.
A self-propelled cycle trip from Vancouver to Mount Alpha in the Tantalus Range. Involves crossing Squamish River.
Chapter 1: Alpine Start in the City...

I set off Wednesday night after work (9:15pm) with my bike, all my gear, and a belly full of sushi. My destination was Alpha, a 2305m mountain, near Lake Lovelywater, which lies in the Tantalus Mountain Range just northwest of Squamish. The plan was to bicycle from Vancouver to the base of Alpha Mountain (about 95km), cross the Squamish River, climb the mountain, and come back home all in a three day weekend.

Leaving the bustle of the city, I made my way over the Lionsgate Bridge and onto the Upper Levels Freeway. Everything felt great: the air was warm, the sky was an indescribable hue of twilight, and the traffic on the Sea to Sky Highway was almost non-existent! There are, I believe, few things as meditative as a warm summer night and the fluctuating hum of your bike tires reverberating off cement guardrails; Life is good.

Chapter 2: Caving in Furry Creek...

The process of paring down left my pack without a tent, so the sign that welcomes traffic to Furry Creek would be my shelter. I have only stopped at this sign on one other occasion (biking back from an attempt of Garibaldi). The Furry Creek sign is sculpted faux-rock, constructed of plywood, foam, and a cement shell. This leaves a hollow 'cave' that can be entered from the back of the sign. Inside, I cleared out the multitude of cobwebs and kicked away some random garbage which included a hobo-firepit. I began searching for a spot to bed down on. During my first visit I had no intention of ever sleeping in the sign and did not recall that the ground under the sign was composed of uneven cement rubble. At this point in time I was too tired to cycle any further so I used some scraps of hard, white, insulative foam to level the area out. I laid down my...

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