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Russet Lake: A Fall Getaway
Timestamp Free: 2021.01.22 - 22:16:42
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Garibaldi Ranges / Fitzsimmons Range
  (2 days)     Elevation Gain: 1200m
Participants: Rita Rice, Mitch Sulkers
Difficulty: 1: Whichever route one chooses, there will be uphill and downhill. The length of the trip favours those with an exercise program.
An overnight at Russet Lake, above Singing Pass, in Garibaldi Park.
With a fall that has seemed so busy, we were ready to get away to the backcountry for a weekend. Question was, with our flagging energy, did we want to drive for some distance before settling into some soothing location? Well, given the fact that it was commuter month, it seemed better that we hit somewhere local: when the weather forecast promised more brilliant skies for the weekend, we agreed to hit a favourite local spot--Russet Lake.

So Saturday morning found us madly tossing gear into our overnight packs, feeding the fat cat, grabbing our summer passes and a little change, and striding up the valley trail towards the local bus stop. Yes sirree, this was going to be an environmentally responsible commute for sure!!

Two minutes walk put us into the bus shelter, and three minutes later we were on the bus and headed towards the village centre. Nice mister bus driver gave us the ride of our life as he accelerated madly towards the highway while we staggered towards the only vacant seats at the back of the bus, our packs handily slipped over one shoulder and swinging us from side to side like Friday night clubbers exiting the village at 2:30 am.

Five minutes later we were exiting the bus, climbing the stairs, and entering the gondola for our ride to the alpine. Less than a half-hour from our door, we exited into the alpine without having pressed an accelerator or shifted a gear. The air was calm and already balmy and the trails stretched out, calling us towards Singing Pass.

Having taken advantage of first rides up, we were able to walk on largely deserted trails, and the ramble past Symphony Lake and up Flute Summit passed quietly and peacefully. Just past the provincial park boundary at Flute, we turned slightly southeast towards a small point that...

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