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Southern Chilcotin Loop
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 06:03:08
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Chilcotin Ranges
  (3 days)
Participants: Stew and Greg Easy to moderate. 15-18km days. Class three scrambling for side trips.
A trip into the Southern Chilcotins. Access from Relay Creek over to Big Creek then into Tyaughton drainage. Amazing country.
With autumn equinox passing, Greg and I decided to get one last backpack before I finished my holidays and Greg went back to work. We were considering going up to the Lake Chilko area and make a loop of the Tchaikazan/Yohetta valleys. But with a little looking at softmap, we decided to head into the southern Chilcotins via Relay creek. We hoped to hike up relay creek over to the Lorna valley. From there we figured we could hike up to elbow pass then down to Tyaughton valley and over to Paradise valley viaTyaox pass. Paradise creek would lead us back to Relay creek and we would hopefully have done a 45-50km [px]lorn14.jpg[c]loop[/px]. We had 4 days and figured it should be a blast!

We left Tuesday about 730am and drove up through Pemberton to the Hurley river road. Holy smokes, the first maybe 10km were awful! So much washboard, my teeth rattled loose! We went through Gold bridge and took the Tyaughton fsr to Relay creek fsr. The road reports about relay creek fsr are true, cause I sure would not like to be stuck at the trailhead after some heavy rain.We got to the trailhead by 3pm and were on the trail by 3:30. We didn't know what kind of trail to expect and were surprised to see a very well worn double track that turned into a nice horse trail. After about a km, we came to the first Gang ranch cabin. It is quite amazing to think that gang ranch has been "around" since 1863 when it was founded by Jerome and Thaddeus Harper. By 1964 it reached one million acres but now it is by no means so mighty and is owned by the Saudi Arabian sheik, Ibrahim Afandi of Jeddah. So if you see a dude with some flowing robes riding around, best to just "smile and wave".

We traveled over [px]lorn1.jpg[c]relay pass[/px] and made our way down to the confluence of Graveyard and Big...

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