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Disneyland Bike Ride (Goat Ridge)
Timestamp Free: 2020.11.24 - 00:14:54
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days)     Elevation Gain: 1762m
Participants: Johann Groebner, Jason Addy and later Matt Smith
Difficulty: 3: Difficult
Climb up from Petgill Lake with bikes on back, then an amazing bike ride down Goat Ridge to Britannia.
On the night before Johann and I did this ride we had camped in the Chief's parking lot beside the highway. Our plan was simple. We would save the $150 helicopter ride to the top of Goat Ridge by strapping our bikes to our backs and walking up.

We didn't know if there was still a trail up to Goat Ridge but we knew there once was one via Petgill Lake. Also we didn't know where the somewhat famous Disneyland Trail came down. Only that it started on Goat Ridge and ended in Brittania.

We walked to Petgill lake without incident and stripped down for a dip. Then sniffed around a bit for the trail that was supposed to continue on. We found a flagged route off to the right (south side) of the lake and followed it up. The trail was non existent at times and is really steep also. There is one section that has a fixed rope to ease progress. After about five hours from the Murrin parking lot we started topping out and into smaller trees and tarn country. There the trail started to become more prominent. We knew that at six hours we would have to turn back and if we couldn't find Disneyland we would just have to walk back down the hellish route we took up. We started walking faster so as to avoid this. At six hours with no sign of Disneyland I stopped to contemplate our situation. Johann just then noticed an "H" made out of stones that we took for a helicopter landing site! I was elated. This is at 5100ft. We still didn't know where we were going but things were looking up.

We rode back down our route, keeping an eye wide open for a trail on our left. This section of the ridge is alpine rock, snow and some sections of trail. Really technical riding some of which I didn't walk. I told Johann to be extra cautious because I knew that he likes to ride just beyond his limits....

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