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Not Quite Hell: Five Days in the Devils Range of the Valhallas
Timestamp Free: 2020.05.26 - 22:59:47
Ranges: North America Ranges / Columbia Mountains / Selkirk Mountains / Valhalla Ranges
  (5 days)
Participants: Jordan Peters, Stan Metcalfe
Five days and five peaks in the seldom-visited Devils Range of the Valhallas.
It is midnight and I am waiting in Stan's house in Rossland for him to get back from a two-day trip to Gladsheim Peak in the Valhallas. We are supposed to go into the Devil's Range the next morning but I'm thinking he won't be so keen to go right back there if he is so late tonight, coming back from the same area.

It being Rossland, I had let myself into Stan's house and made myself at home. Not knowing really what to do, or when to start worrying, I drift off to sleep, the eight hour drive from North Vancouver now hitting home, but Stan comes bursting through the door shortly later at about one a.m., wild eyed and babbling about the epic he went through. Rain. Flat tire, no proper tools. Borrow tool from a similar (unlocked) truck (hey, it's the Interior). Drive down Bannock Burn Road, all the lug nuts come loose and spare falls off. Take a nut off of three other wheels to put it back on . . . . "No way, I'll be totally good to go back there in the morning!" Stan says to counter my suggestion to take it easy the next day. "We just gotta take your truck."

We do, in fact, roll out of Rossi on schedule and load up on cinnamon buns and coffee in Castlegar and Stan shows no sign of being beat after the previous day's adventures. The weather is unseasonably cool for the Interior and it feels good to be back here, something hard to pin down about the Kootneys. The people? Myriads of small, not too big towns? Some sort of distinct culture?

The tone of the trip is defined quickly when we break for swims at Drinnon Lake, only a mere hour and a bit from the car. We dip in with the peaks of the Devil's Range towering over the north end of the lake: [photo]drinnonlakesm.jpg[caption]Lucifer, Trident, Mephistopheles, and False and Devils Domes above Drinnon...

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