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Clayoquot Valley Witness Trail
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 07:18:44
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Insular Mountains / Vancouver Island Ranges
  (4 days)
Participants: Stew, Sean, Paul, Jesse, Robbie, Ben, Maximus and Jonas Hiking on hiking trail, may be poorly maintained.
An early season hike into the Clayoquot valley. Travelling from west to east we went from low elevation old growth to sub alpine bliss. The trail down low however was "gnarly".
Ahhhh, there is nothing better than getting ready for the first backpacking trip of the season. It's almost like you are a professional athelete getting ready to see if the off season prep work is gonna pay off. Looked like a big crew was assembled for this one and all sorts of fun was in the making.

The initial plan was to go to Strathcona park and see if we could climb any mountains. However, as the date fast approached, the snow was still looking pretty deep on the Mt. Washington web cam. The folks on the phone were not very re-assuring either. "Yeah, the snow is still pretty deep up there". A co-worker simply said "WHAT?". Another destination was definitely in order. Plan b: The Clayoqout witness trail. We did little investigation and it looked good. About 36km point to point but there was a catch. The preferred route was south to north but word on the street was the south half was "overgrown".

We snickered amongst ourselves, "hee hee, overgrown. I've seen overgrown trails before, no biggie". Note to self: you really gotta stop underestimating mother nature time after time.

Oh yeah for those that might wonder where Clayoqout trail is, it's on Vancouver island off of Hwy 4, between Port Alberni and Tofino.

The trail started with pretty mellow logging road. We wound our way along the kennedy river, before the logging road went into the clearcuts. About 1.5km in, the road disappeared into what seemed like a giant washout. We slogged through it for a hundred meters but quickly decided that the road must go up along a spur we saw about 200 meters back. Well, backtrack we went and began climbing up through the overgrown spur. But once again the road came to an end and gave us a chance to lookie see what was going on. We could see the road we wanted on the...

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