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Mount Indefatigable - Joy Route
Timestamp Free: 2019.05.19 - 22:47:18
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Spray Mountains
  (1 days)
Participants: Raymond and Partner. 5.4 alpine grade
Approach was about 30 minutes on a flat trail to a scree slope below climb. Enjoyed 400 metres of sustained 5.4 corner/slab climbing to summit ridge.
This alpine rock route is described in the 1996 CAJ by the pioneer of the route. The approach is fairly straightfoward; follow Three Isle Trail for about a half an hour from the North Interlakes parking lot. Once you come to a large scree slide, pick up a faint trail that weaves its way up to the base of the rock. You should see a a couple of large corner systems. When you get closer, another smaller corner between the two. This is the route, and it goes from base to summit ridge.

The climbing is never harder than mid fifth class and at this rating, I found it soft compared to other Rockies routes (Yam, Ha Ling). The protection is excellent and the situation superb. From the top of the corner take ridge to its end at a shoulder where you can hike to summit. Descent is via south summit hiking trail. The time it takes to do the route depends on whether simul-climbing is involved. My partner and I simul-climbed the route in 40 minutes but only placed about twelve pieces of gear and bailed on the hike to the summit. Pitching out the whole route would probably take 3-5 hours base to summit. Descent is approximately an hour to parking...

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