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Semaphore Lakes - Summer Hiking Trail
Timestamp Free: 2018.10.21 - 09:36:59
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Bridge-Lillooet Divide / Railroad Group
  (null days) Scramble. NTD. A quick trot to the alpine for most hikers.
A description of how to find and follow the trail up to the Semaphore Lakes, then scramble up to Face mountain.
Railroad Pass, reached by the Hurley River FSR, is an excellent access point for a number of scenic hikes and scrambles. Perhaps the most beautiful and accessible area reached from the pass is the Semaphore Lakes region, which also allows easy access to the glaciated Railroad Group, including Face, Handcar, Locomotive, and Caboose Mountains.

To access Railroad Pass and the Railroad Group, take a right (easterly) turn off the Upper Pemberton Meadows Road onto the signed Lillooet River FSR to cross the Salmon Slough Bridge . Set your trip odometer at zero at the turn-off, turn left upon crossing the Lillooet River Bridge, and take the right at km 9 onto the signed Hurley River FSR. Stay on the obvious main road, climbing on what is normally a washboard-surfaced two-wheel-drive road until km 22.9 from beginning of Lillooet River FSR. On the left should be an obvious parking spot suitable for three or four vehicles. (Please note that this is not the same parking area identified by Robert Ballantyne elsewhere in this encyclopaedia) A small conifer at the back of the parking is flagged with tape.

A narrow but distinct trail leads off in a northerly direction, but quickly meanders across a small meadow and willow complex to the west. Follow the occasionally indistinct trail for about 200 metres, rising slightly towards the sound of a rushing creek. This is Railroad Creek, which drains the Semaphore Lakes (but not the Train Glacier) Turn right at the creek onto what will develop more clearly into a trail at the entrance to a small canyon.

Just before the entrance of the canyon, join the now obvious trail up the steep bank on the northeast side of the creek. This trail soon emerges in a small subalpine meadow at 50:36.00--123:01.9, where the hiker may make a choice....

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