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Sproatt - From Callaghan Drainage
Timestamp Free: 2018.12.09 - 15:46:11
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (1 days) NTD. Some vertical to be gained, but good routefinding makes it possible to set a fairly gentle route. Descents can be tricky if one gets into steep, thick trees. Best to follow climbing track back down.
We first used this route when an alpine start on the Singing Pass Trail in -27C temperatures led to a broken heel clip on Kevin's Riva binding, necessitating a quick return to the valley for parts. Looking for a sunnier aspect, but still wanting alpine views, we headed to the Callaghan Valley trailhead and parked in the midst of the snowmobile crowd. The route goes as follows:

Ski up the Callaghan Main until the first right fork (the secondary snowmobile track) climbs moderately from the main track. Follow the right fork as it switchbacks up towards a rock buttress that forms the southeast corner of the Sproatt complex. After a number of switchbacks, it is possible to travel for a short while due northwest. Using either a branch leading north or heading off into the old growth, work through a series of short cliff bands and gulleys before reaching gladed, more moderate terrain.

From this point, it is best to follow the lay of the land, using a series of gentle, linked ridgetops towards the summit of Sproatt. Once the summit of Sproatt is reached, the best skiing heads off to the northwest or northeast, the northwest leading into the Hanging Valley and the northeast to steep, treed gulleys that lead to the 21 Mile Creek Trail. Note that in late season heavy snowpack there are some good descents through the old growth to the end of the logging roads on the northeast of Sproatt, but throw in a little too much east, and a series of cliff bands and burnt slopes make life...

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