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Lychnis - North Ridge
Timestamp Free: 2020.02.22 - 04:09:37
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Front Ranges / Sawback Range
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Participant: Graeme Pole 1986.08.06

Lychnis Mountain makes a fine day-trip from the BNP campground at Baker Lake (51:29.5-116:01.8). Follow the trail east from the campground. At the first fork, keep right (south) to a marked junction (51:29.3-116:00.8). Leave the trail and cross the valley floor, heading east to climb into the side valley immediately north of Tilted Mountain. Carry on through meadows and then over boulderfields to the pass at the head of this valley - "Tilted Pass," (51:29.5-115:28.7). Mt. Douglas and Mt. St. Bride beckon in the view northeast from the pass.

The glacier immediately east of the pass is relatively uncrevassed. When snow-free in late summer, it can be safely crossed unroped. Don crampons and take out your ice axe; rope if required. Drop onto the glacier and angle ESE to the col at 51:29.4-115:28.1, "Lychnis Col." The north ridge of Lychnis descends to this point. There is one 'schrund-like crevasse that can be turned on its northwest aspect. After that, ascend on snow and screes, and scramble easily past upper obstructions on the ridge to the summit cairn (51:29.2-115:58.3). Drink in the wild view.

Lychnis was the Linnaean genus name formerly applied to the family of plants that includes the campions. The taxonomic designation has been revised as far as the plants go, but the mountain's name remains....

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