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Deville - South ridge
Timestamp Free: 2019.11.22 - 05:57:25
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Park Ranges / Van Horne Range
  (1 days)
Participants: Joe Jazvac, Graeme Pole, Marnie Pole, Mark Smith
Mt. Deville's seldom-trodden summit makes a fine objective, offering an experience of a pocket of wilderness tucked from view from just about any other perspective.

Mountain bike the Kicking Horse fire road, beginning at the Amiskwi Fire Circle picnic area (51:22.9-116:32.5). Keep right at the junction at the Otterhead River (51:21.4-116:34.8), following the sign for Tocher Ridge. At the Tocher Ridge junction, keep straight ahead for about 750 m to where the fire road ends on the riverbank, as shown on 82 N/7 (51:23.5-116:39.1). Leave the bikes here. Hoist them into a tree as some defence against the porcupines that proliferate nearby. Ford the river and angle upstream across willow plain to the mouth of Oreamnos Creek. (Oreamnos americanus is the Linnaean designation for the mountain goat. You'll probably see some on this trip.)

Bushwhack and thrash along the creek, ascending the headwall on the right (north) side of the Oreamnos Falls (51:23.3-116:39.8). Above the headwall, follow the creek south for a kilometre over boulders, mud flats, and through willows. There is a small tarn in this hanging valley, shown on the Yoho topo map, but not on 82 N/7. Plug away over boulderfields and moraines, which may be snow-covered in early summer, to Oreamnos Col at 51:22.1-116:40.3.

A subsidiary valley lies between this col and the south ridge of Mt. Deville. Angle northwest into this valley. You can either drop down (200 m loss) to the upper floor of this valley, or sidehill on ledges and through teetering rubble alongside it. We did the former on the ascent and the latter on the descent. Once you get to the south ridge (51:22.1-116:41.4), it's a delightful scramble on a staircase of ledges. And, of course, just when you think you are about to top out, there's a few...

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