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Clearwater - Southwest Slopes
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.10 - 19:57:02
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Front Ranges / Murchison Group
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Participants: Mike Henderson, Graeme Pole 1987.07.22

Clearwater Mountain is shown incorrectly on 82 N/9 and 82 N/16. The summit properly named Clearwater Mountain is at 51:45.5-116:17.7 on 82 N/16. The first ascent, credited to the Harvard Mountaineering party in 1925, was actually of the next peak north, 51:46.2-116:18.1. For a discussion of the brief climbing history of Clearwater Mountain, the confusion over its first ascent, and the mis-placed name on the current topo map, see "Another Little Mystery Bites the Dust," by this author, in the 1988 Canadian Alpine Journal.

The ascent of Clearwater Mountain presents no difficulties. Gain the southwest slopes from the Siffleur Valley trail at 51:44.2-116:18.6. Stay on the north side of the tributary stream coming from the cirque under the south slopes of the peak, otherwise you will end up on the wrong side of a box canyon. Follow your nose to the top. The summit region - which stupendously overhangs the glacier beneath - is comprised of striking white quartzite. Views from this lofty peak are superb. Ours was probably the third ascent.

Random camping in the Siffleur Valley is not allowed, but the peak can be day-tripped from the designated campground at 51:46.4-116:21.7, or from a random camp in the upper Clearwater Valley. Rick Collier has done the peak, solo, in two days from car-to-car via Quartzite...

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