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Climbs of Frayn, Gydosic and Washburn from Cummings Creek
Timestamp Free: 2020.07.06 - 06:29:18
Ranges: North America Ranges / Rocky Mountains / Canadian Rockies / Continental Ranges / Front Ranges
  (5 days)
Participants: Rick Collier; Bill Hurst Moderate bushwhacking and scrambling
Ascents of Mount Frayn, Gydosic and Washburn. The ascents of Fryan and Gydosic are possibly the first recorded ascents of these peaks, and there were no cairns on top.
Possible First Ascent, Mt. Frayn (9557 ft./2914m): August 18. This is a time-consuming peak to get to, which is probably why it has not been climbed; however, it is not difficult and lies in a beautiful and relatively unspoiled and rarely visited area.

Day 1 - August 17 - Drive to Cummings Creek and hike to camp
Bill and I met in Sparwood on the 17th and drove north toward Elkford until we found the turnoff for Cummings Creek (Tornado Mountain map, 82 G/15, GR 520145). Unfortunately, after a few km, the road up Cummings is not passable except for ATVs, although mountain bikes (which we did not have that day) would be ideal after the first big hill. We hiked up the ATV track on the north side, crossing the stream on a good bridge where Telford Creek intersects. At km 9, one has to ford the creek (which can be deep and swift) to the north side. At km 15-16, after two crossings, there is a good meadow for camping (Queen Creek map, 82 G/14 GR 394205). (Editors Note: All grid references are NAD27, not WGS84).

Day 2 - Aug 18 - Frayn
The route up Frayn is straightforward, despite formidable walls guarding its eastern flanks (See Frayn), and passes through a magnificent series of ecological zones: one simply follows the old logging road as it wiggles its way NW, eventually bushwhacking easily up to an array of alpine meadows and an unnamed lake (GR 378237); there are elegant views from these meadows of the Cummings Creek valley to the south (See Washburn) The summit of Frayn is the far western terminus, and is attained from the lake over meadows, snow, and scree to the col at GR 371248; a pleasant ridge leading west completes the climb (See Frayn 2). Superb views in all directions, especially to the east...

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