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Meslilloet West Ridge Multi-Modal
Timestamp Free: 2019.04.22 - 03:37:28
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges
  (3 days)
Participants: Robin Tivy, Steve Grant
Difficulty: 4: Series of steep gaps with some exposure on ridge.
Probable first climb of Meslilloet's west ridge, using bicyles for the approach.
The popularity of Jason Addy's excellent "Meslilloet Self-Propelled" motivated me to locate and slightly update my account of a similar trip, first printed in the 1984 BCMC Mountaineer.

Canada Day 1983. Raining. Robin Tivy and I ride our 10-speed bicycles through skid row. The street people were performing their rituals - we were performing ours. But with a twist: we were cycle tourists looking for mountaineering adventure.

At Deep Cove we met the water taxi to take us up Indian Arm. Seeing spectacular Indian Arm for the first time was well worth the $40 charter. The weather improved to partly sunny as we unloaded the bikes at the Indian River logging road. We drifted north-west for several hours on the excellent road, meeting only a few 4x4's and experiencing the only flat tire of the trip.

The Meslilloet Creek branch road (923 035) took us up to 450m (UTM927 074) where the road became too rough and steep to justify taking the bikes farther. We hid them in what's left of the woods, rearranged baggage almost carefully enough, and hiked on up to the end of the road (UTM930 103). It ended even closer to where we wanted to go than was shown on the map. The rain returned. After a bit of steep slash flopping we started thrashing up the stream draining the two lakes in the valley NW of Meslilloet. Cliffs pressed in from the south - the booming waterfalls to the right could not be forded. We prayed for a miracle. Look - a piece of flagging tape in a tree! And a narrow, steep route was found up through waterfalls and under overhanging cliffs to the first lake (UTM926 107). No flat ground, so we levelled some snow, and crawled, soaking wet, dirty and shivering into our soggy nylon hovel.

When we prepared to start supper, we discovered I had left the...

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