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A Walk in the Wild: Blowdown Pass to Van Horlick Creek
Timestamp Free: 2019.05.19 - 04:28:03
Ranges: North America Ranges / Pacific Cordillera Range / Coast Mountains / Pacific Ranges / Lillooet Ranges / Brew-Siwhe Group
  (4 days)
Participants: Doug Brown, Bob St John, Sandra McGuinness, Kumo the dog
Difficulty: 3: A few short sections of class 3 rock (rotten in parts), snow slopes to 35 degrees, route finding is straight forward as you simply stay on the height of land throughout, unpleasant bushwhack down into Van Horlick Creek.
A four day alpine traverse from Blowdown Pass to Van Horlick Creek along the Stein Cayoosh divide.
Traverses are my favorite trips in the mountains. I like the idea of carrying your camp on your back, traveling over terrain that is always new, and never retracing your steps. Skiing up the Duffey Lake Rd this winter convinced me that the Cayoosh Range is ideally suited to summer traverses. Our planned route would take us along the divide between the Stein Valley and the Cayoosh Creek Valley from Blowdown Pass to Van Horlick Creek. [photo]cay35.JPG[caption]Sunset From Camp 1 at Blowdown Pass[/photo]

Day 1
On a rainy Saturday we drove past the hordes of hikers, campers, climbers, picnickers and mosquitoes at Joffre Lakes and put one truck at the 5,500 feet at the terminus of the new logging road that runs up the west side of the east branch of Van Horlick Creek. The other truck we drove up the Blowdown Creek Rd and parked at about 6,000 feet where the differential on Bob's truck started bottoming out on the increasingly washed out road.

After about 90 minutes of walking we reached Blowdown Pass and looked down at the meadows leading down to the Stein wilderness area. We found ourselves two sheltered spots behind some krummholtz at the pass for our tents and [px]cay29.jpg[c]hiked up[/px] the meadow and shale slopes to the north of the pass and along the ridge to the summit of Gott Peak. As the sun began to set we had a good view of the [px]cay31.JPG[c] start of our traverse over Gotcha Peak[/px] and along to Notgott Peak.

Day 2
Next morning after a showery night, we hiked snow and talus slopes to the summit of [px]cay25.JPG[c] Gotcha Peak. [/px] An [px]cay37.JPG[c] easy scramble [/px]took us down the south ridge of Gotcha to a long flat summit between [px]cay2.JPG[c] Notgott [/px] and Gotcha. Talus and snow slopes led to the summit of...

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